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it was delicio.ou.u.u.s 9 avril 2008

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Today, we ate something delicious! I speak about ” le jambon Noir de Bigorre”! As we do not have in Moldova such kind of ham, I decided to taste it fully !

Cyril prepared the dish wonderfully, some french ‘baguettes’ cutted in big slides impregnated with fresh tomatoes juice, watered with olive oil [Huile d’Olive du Portugal – A capela dos Olivais] and strewed with salt ! As every dish is associated to a wine in France, we tasted all that with ‘pas mal’ wine – Excellence du Capitole, Fronton, recolte 2005, which got the award ‘Medaille d’or Paris 2007’!

It was fine, tiny and delicious. Each of us cutted the ham in gentle slides. It was amazing and funny, by the way about the fact that I had never seen in my life such a thing! I guess my colleagues will speak more about the idea of tasting each Friday du ‘terroir français’, me, I am just shocked and glad to savurate the French gastronomy worship. As our traditional Moldovan dish is mamaliga, which is better known to the rest of the world in its Italian form, polenta, I am glad to discover French gastronomy traditions among such good guys from Keldelice. Voilà!


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